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Steenkamp, Willem: Assegaais, Drums and Dragoons. A Military and Social History of the Cape, Johnathan Ball, 2012

Recommended. Steenkamp began his research with a simple premise: soldiers only fight well when they are motivated to do so. And to uncover the reasons why the various units at Blouberg reacted as they did he needed to dig deep into the context of the social, rather than just the military, history of the Cape.

Anderson, Mark: Blue Berg. Britain Takes the Cape, Self-published, 2008

Anderson's recounting provides a good overview of the battle. His efforts to provide historical context do seem a bit circuitous and repetitive at times – at odds with his declared intention of writing "a tale, and not a history".

Krynauw, DW: Beslissing by Blouberg.Triomf en Tragedie van die Stryd on die Kaap,  Tafelberg, 1999

Krynauw only managed to publish his research – undertaken in the 1950's – in 1999. He had the advantage of reseaching parts of the battle site when it was still farmland, and not covered by the dense vegetation you see today. Unfortunately, this text has not been translated into English.

Web resources:

Willem Steenkamp, The Battle of Blaauwberg 200 years ago, SA Military History Journal

Battle of Blaauwberg 200 year Anniversary Event website

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