Monday, 4 March 2013

28mm Soviets

My original 28mm Soviet force was built for the Operation Squad rules - a game that is designed to work with just a single squad - say 5 to 15 figures, and a few support weapons deployed for each game.

However, as our Operation Squad scenarios become more ambitious, and we experiment with "platoon" level games using rulesets like Victory Decision, Bolt Action and Disposable Heroes, the need to rush reinforcements to the front has become urgent.

Here are my fresh Soviet forces painted in the course of the last week or two: eleven men, one woman, and an unfortunate dog, and the diminutive BA-64 "Bobik" armoured car:

Bobik with its first cousin:

 And with its Big Brother:

And with some of my original Soviet force, painted in 2012 or 2011:


Figures are a mix of Westwind, Warlord Games/Bolt Action, and Artizan. Vehicles are Warlord Games/Bolt Action. Decals by Company B.


  1. They look smashing! I think a painting guide's in order.

  2. @Vip: To be honest, I have never considered writing up a painting guide, for this reason: I paint in a very "counter-intuitive" way which I havent seen described in any painting guide out there - and I think its slower than most other techniques. I dont recommend it! Basically its a series of paint+wash+highlight cycles that keep getting less and less "dense" until I am happy. Often it feels like I am painting each figure twice! And I need a very clear idea where I am going, because I start with a basecoat several shades lighter than its final midrange, because I know how much wash is going to work in the shadow areas. Its easy to start too dark or too light.

    Maybe in the future I will write summink, but I will need to think about how best to describe the process...

  3. @Golf Alpha Zulu. You could try pictures of each step and a short description of what you are doing. That helps the descriptive process.