Sunday, 2 June 2013

28mm South African Infantry: Italy 1944, Part 2

Regimental HQ carrier and HQ transport.

My painting has slowed down to crawl, but I eventually managed to get these off the workbench a few weeks back, and finally got a moment to photograph them earlier today.

They are some reinforcements for my South African 6th Armoured Division forces, representing some HQ elements and supports.

Primarily representing First City/Cape Town Highlanders in Italy 1944, with a smattering of attached troops from other units.
3" Mortar team. Could be either from the First City/Cape Town Highlanders support platoon, or an attached team from the Royal Durban Light Infantry.
HQ Bren Team - the attached rifle section "liberated" a Bren from one the regimental carriers to supplement their firepower.

The regiment's patrol specialists - Willem Schutte and Jim "Lefty" Hendriks. While briefed to spend their time "listening" for Tedesci movement and not engaging, both were known to use their 303's to good effect if they spotted a high-value target.

The staff. The two officers were painted a while back, but this is the first time they have been seen together with their staff sergeant, the regimental piper, and a runner

Signallers - a cable runner and a command radio/telephone operator.

NMC stretcher bearers/orderlies.


Figures are from Artizan and Warlord. Piper is from the Warlord Commando character pack, with standard battledress legs from the plastic infantry, and greenstuff bonnet. The Native Military Contingent stretcher bearer is a Warlord figure with an Empress Zulu head, and medical orderly is a converted Artisan officer with greenstuff bag and Empress Zulu head (the Union Defence Force was racially segregated, and black troops could only serve in non-combatant roles).

Seen here with my Artillery HQ jeep for reference, the Morris 15cwt I built to add flavour to the force. I am not sure if the 6th Division still used Morris trucks in Italy (have seen one pic of a Morris radio truck but nothing besides that) but the wonderful little Company B kit is too neat to not include as a light transport.

The HQ carrier is the standard Warlord Mk2 kit with radio, antenna, toolbox and stowage added. Seen here with a First City/Cape Town Highlanders carrier platoon vehicle.

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  1. HI, Thought I would add a comment. I would like to commend you on your painting style. I like how you blend your colours to keep a neat seperation of colours and effective highlighting. Your vehicles as well are a nice combination of soft blends and effective weathering. Great job, as a painter i really enjoyed looking at your work.