Monday, 22 July 2013

28mm Heer Infantry

Of the 28mm vehicles currently on my painting bench, more seem to be German vehicles than any other nation. Which is a curious thing, as I didnt set out to collect a German force - I just needed a few representative troops to provide ready-to-play opponents for my South African 6th Armoured Division forces. The army started as a single squad of mid-war Germans, and over time I have added figures from a variety of ranges, in a variety of uniforms, selected simply because I liked the sculpts. Despite developing without plan or list, they form, together with the armour, support and transport I have since added, a viable and fairly balanced Bolt Action force. And the collection now has a bit of its momentum, and I find myself wanting to add particular weapons teams and vehicles to allow more diverse list lists to be fielded.

The figures dont represent any particular unit. Purists might shudder at the mix of uniforms and equipment, but I enjoy the somewhat ragtag appearance. My rationalisation for their appearance - if asked - is that towards end of the war the German forces were suffering from massive supply and manpower problems, and looked anything but uniform. And besides, the SA 6th Armoured Division fought such a mix of German forces (ranging from elites like the Fallschirmjager Divisions, the Herman Goering Division, and the 5th Mountain Division, through veteran Panzer and SS divisions, and Lehr Battalions, to reluctant Osttruppen and garrison divisions) that there is no way to represent them all. So I would rather build a "generic" force that could be used to proxy any of them.

These then, although painted a while back, are a selection the most recently completed Heer figures. Most of the infantry are Artizan, with a few additional specialists from Warlord.

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